Directorates and Committees

Our directorates

Every MDC member has the opportunity to be part of one of MDC’s many directorates, where they could be responsible for directing and organizing a mooting competition; liaising with distinguished alumni mooters, or promoting MDC’s events through publicity campaigns.

23/24 Moots & Events Directorate: Organising Committees

B.A. Mallal Moot

Taking place in the first semester of the academic year (September-October), the B.A. Mallal Moot is one of Singapore’s oldest mooting competitions, kindly sponsored by Allen & Gledhill LLP.


Held in January, the CMS Intellectual Property (IP) Moot is Singapore’s only IP moot. The moot is sponsored by CMS Singapore, and supported by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). The competition deals with contentious areas of IP law.

TSMP Moot & Mingle

Held in January, Moot and Mingle focuses on stimulating interest and promoting oral advocacy among law students through mooting in a friendlier environment. It exclusively features a post-moot interaction session where participants can interact with the judges. It is jointly organised with the support of TSMP.

WongPartnership International Commercial Arbitration Moot

This competition typically takes place from February to March, and focuses on international commercial arbitration. The moot celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018 and is supported by WongPartnership LLP.

Advocacy Cup

Held in March, the Advocacy Cup is the only moot in Singapore focusing on trial advocacy. Participants must prepare a witness for an examination-in-chief (EIC) and cross-examination. The competition is judged by lawyers from Drew & Napier.

Dentons Rodyk Moot

Held in April, the Dentons Rodyk Moot is a moot that is reserved for the top 5 mooters for the Legal Analysis Research and Communication (LARC) Moot. The top 5 mooters will prepare their LARC Moot arguments before the judges. The moot is sponsored by Dentons Rodyk.

University of Malaya – National University of Singapore Moot

Held in July, the UM-NUS moot is a collaboration between MDC and UM Mooting Club. Mooters from UM and NUS will be paired up and prepare their arguments before a panel of judges from Malaysia and Singapore.

23/24 Outreach Directorate: Organising Committees

Publicity, Design & Media Committee

The Publicity, Design & Media Committee is split into 2 wings – Publicity and Design & Media. Publicity is responsible for MDC’s publicity platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Telegram. The committee also liaises with the Moot Organising Committees to promote the various events hosted by MDC. Design & Media is responsible for MDC’s branding and aesthetics. The committee is in charge of photography and videography for MDC events.

External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee builds and expands MDC’s ties with our alumni. The committee aims to capture the mooting legacies of NUS Law alumni via photos, interviews with mooters past and present and write-ups about the various international and local competitions that NUS Law has participated and won. The committee also directs the distribution of the Moot Book.

23/24 International Moots Directorate

The International Moots Directorate helps to liaise with international organisations to coordinate students’ participation in prestigious international moots. The Directorate manages the teams that represent NUS abroad and ensures the smooth running of such events. The directorate also works very closely with the Law Faculty in the process of liaising and coordinating with organisers of international moots.

23/24 Secretary-Treasurer Directorate

The Secretary-Treasurer Directorate is the backbone of MDC’s operations. They are in charge of MDC’s finances, which go towards the club’s events.

23/24 Welfare Directorate

The Welfare Directorate builds the culture here at MDC and works towards making MDC a fun and lively place to be in. The directorate works closely with other directorates by supporting the events they host with welfare.

23/24 Training Directorate

The Training Directorate conducts training sessions for members. These training sessions cover a variety of topics from learning how to do research to oral advocacy skills.