Moot Book

Over its more than six decades of history, the NUS Faculty of Law has grown from a department in a fledgling university to a globally recognised law school. Among its most enduring achievements is its record in international moots and other competitions, an achievement that is built on foundations that are recorded in this book, and an achievement that continues with each successive intake of NUS Law undergraduates. 

To those whose names are recorded in this book, and many others in law schools all over the world, a moot signifies a challenge which, when undertaken and overcome, becomes a mark of pride and achievement. When young lawyers meet across jurisdictions, the one commonality of experience that immediately brings them closer together is a shared moot experience. Indeed, the intellectual rigour, incisive questions from the bench and the team work required to prepare for any single moot inevitably marks a unique memory in a every mooter’s mind.

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